Our Heating Trays have been exclusively designed to give constant professional Free Standing Strip Heaters FS , , 1 2 , , 1.8, , ..

These heating trays have been exclusively designed to give consistent professional bends while working with all types of Thermoplastic materials.

Strip Heater for bending thin plastics (with 3 8 heated width): Space Heaters FTM, Inc FS 2 ftStrip Heater for Bending Plastics (1 2 wide heated area).

Free standing strip heaters for plastic fabricatorsFS 3 4FS FS Heated Width Length1 2 x 1 2 x 1 4 x 2 x CustomCustom.

Results 1 of Online shopping for FTM, Incat Amazon.comFTM, Inc FS 2 ftStrip 4 ftStrip Heater for Bending Thin Plastics (1 4 heated width).

1 2 x Watt V RH Plastic Bending Strip HeaterBRISKHEAT INC 4 ft Material: Silicone Style: Bending Thermostat: °F Type: Heating Strip

Heaters are available in , , and single strip lengthsComplete FTM, Incis also your “Fabricators Source” for all of your plastic fabrication needs.