The shaft is designed with focus on performance and economyThe stiffness and strength will satisfy most skiersThe weight is not as low as for the other

Ski poles for cross country skiing loversStarting from more simple poles for beginners, till professional s equipmentAlso here it is important

Stiff and lightweight Yoko poles are made of % High Strength carbon fiberCompared to the High Modulus carbon fiber used in Yoko and

Mar 6, Port Angeles, Washington is no stranger to compositesSituated on the Olympic Peninsula, the area is home to Angeles Composite

Why flax linen linen plant resin = Ekoa, a light and rigid eco composite LIGHTWEIGHTOur natural composites are % lower density than carbon fiber.

Pulksteņi Makšķerēšanas piederumi Nūjošanas nūjasZiemas inventarsDistanču slēpošana Nordic Eco Carbon Composite (n Ielikt grozā